Hydration is the answer


How much water have you consumed today? Two cups, three, six. I see a lot of people complaining about feeling tired, having a headache and not having enough energy to perform tasks. People tend to not realise that the causes of these problems are usually just simply not drinking enough. If you have poor amounts of water daily (4-6 cups) you will feel lethargic and your body will find day to day functioning very difficult.

It differs between men and women and your body type but the institute of medicine recommends men should be drinking at least 13 cups a day and women 9 cups! That is without exercising. If you do exercise you need to replace the fluid lost, this can be 2-4 cups of extra water!

The best way to look at water consumption and trying to improve it is that every system in the body requires water to function it can only benefit you adding more of it to your system.

i hope that this short article helps you realise how much better your life could be if you just added a little more water every day, it will provide you with more energy and a newfound happiness.  

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