The small steps count


Everybody dreads the summer, wanting to be in the best shape for the sunny beaches. So the panic diets and exercises begin and fail and so the cycle goes on.

But there is another way to approach getting to your goal. Instead of panicking set yourself goals that are achievable in a weekly period, for example, only eat one chocolate bar a day (we all love chocolate), or to exercise for 45 minutes 2 or 3 times a week, or to start eating more complex carbohydrates. By using this system you will be closer to reaching your goals as you will be reducing all the things that are holding you back! As you achieve one goal like eating only one bar of chocolate per day, the next week you can say have three a week, this means you don't force yourself to stop doing something you do actually enjoy plus get the results over time.

As you complete these weekly goals you will prove to yourself that you can carry them over into the next week with new goals. This will take away the stress of completely changing your lifestyle. 

I hope this helps you on your journey to the body that you want!

This is how I teach my clients to reach their goals without making huge sacrifices, we take small steps to get to the goal faster! If you are also wishing to take that step for not only your summer body but the rest of your life! Get in touch, my passion is to unlock your potential!