What is healthy?

As I go about my daily life people always ask me 'how can I eat healthily?'  and 'why isn't eating healthy helping me reach my goal?' The answer is simple, your not eating smart!

There is a huge misconception to what a healthy lifestyle is, many think that healthy is eating a salad, consuming a lot of fruit or going on a diet that lasts a specific amount of time.

Being healthy in my experience is eating smart, I believe most quick diets should not be undertaken because they are not sustainable. Your body needs food to prevent breakdown of muscle tissue and to continue all bodily functions.

I recommend for an individual that wishes to live a healthy lifestyle and consume a healthy diet that all food groups should be eaten but in moderation! So consume your carbs, fats, proteins. But try and keep it natural! This is the key! Food was never meant to be preserved by man made substances and have various additives included within them!

I will end this post by saying you can have the foods you like but be mindful of how much you are consuming and what ingredients are within! 


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