What is healthy?

As I go about my daily life people always ask me 'how can I eat healthily?'  and 'why isn't eating healthy helping me reach my goal?' The answer is simple, your not eating smart!

There is a huge misconception to what a healthy lifestyle is, many think that healthy is eating a salad, consuming a lot of fruit or going on a diet that lasts a specific amount of time.

Being healthy in my experience is eating smart, I believe most quick diets should not be undertaken because they are not sustainable. Your body needs food to prevent breakdown of muscle tissue and to continue all bodily functions.

I recommend for an individual that wishes to live a healthy lifestyle and consume a healthy diet that all food groups should be eaten but in moderation! So consume your carbs, fats, proteins. But try and keep it natural! This is the key! Food was never meant to be preserved by man made substances and have various additives included within them!

I will end this post by saying you can have the foods you like but be mindful of how much you are consuming and what ingredients are within! 


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Get off your bum


Do you sit with your back straight all the time? I won't find many people that say they do. Most people don't think about their posture in everyday life, there's just too much other stuff going on, but little do people know it is very important to prevent injuries and even improves mental strength.

Physically, if you were to improve your posture you may also be enhancing the biomechanics of your body. In simple terms, having poor posture in your upper back may lead to muscular problems in your lower back as a result of taking the additional stress of supporting your shoulders. As a consequence, the upper back will weaken due to not engaging properly.

Another example of this problem is when we sit. Our bodies were not designed for prolonged periods of sitting. When we sit for a long time people may complain about tight hamstrings or pain in the legs. You're probably wondering why this is! It is due to the tightening of the piriformis and gluteal muscles (bum), affecting the biomechanics of the whole leg and causing the hamstring to work harder, hence the tightness.

To combat this you should get up from your desk/sofa/bean bag and walk for a few minutes periodically and concentrate on walking with your shoulders, back and head up right. Not only will this help with your biomechanics but also help your mental strength, feeling more confident and ready to take on any task.

If you feel you have biomechanic issues (most of us have) don't hesitate to contact me and I will screen your body and assess what corrective exercises I can implement to help you live a more comfortable, healthy life.


Hydration is the answer


How much water have you consumed today? Two cups, three, six. I see a lot of people complaining about feeling tired, having a headache and not having enough energy to perform tasks. People tend to not realise that the causes of these problems are usually just simply not drinking enough. If you have poor amounts of water daily (4-6 cups) you will feel lethargic and your body will find day to day functioning very difficult.

It differs between men and women and your body type but the institute of medicine recommends men should be drinking at least 13 cups a day and women 9 cups! That is without exercising. If you do exercise you need to replace the fluid lost, this can be 2-4 cups of extra water!

The best way to look at water consumption and trying to improve it is that every system in the body requires water to function it can only benefit you adding more of it to your system.

i hope that this short article helps you realise how much better your life could be if you just added a little more water every day, it will provide you with more energy and a newfound happiness.  

For more information about the effects of dehydration and other health and fitness information don't hesitate to contact me. 


The small steps count


Everybody dreads the summer, wanting to be in the best shape for the sunny beaches. So the panic diets and exercises begin and fail and so the cycle goes on.

But there is another way to approach getting to your goal. Instead of panicking set yourself goals that are achievable in a weekly period, for example, only eat one chocolate bar a day (we all love chocolate), or to exercise for 45 minutes 2 or 3 times a week, or to start eating more complex carbohydrates. By using this system you will be closer to reaching your goals as you will be reducing all the things that are holding you back! As you achieve one goal like eating only one bar of chocolate per day, the next week you can say have three a week, this means you don't force yourself to stop doing something you do actually enjoy plus get the results over time.

As you complete these weekly goals you will prove to yourself that you can carry them over into the next week with new goals. This will take away the stress of completely changing your lifestyle. 

I hope this helps you on your journey to the body that you want!

This is how I teach my clients to reach their goals without making huge sacrifices, we take small steps to get to the goal faster! If you are also wishing to take that step for not only your summer body but the rest of your life! Get in touch, my passion is to unlock your potential! 





Sugar- the hidden monster!


Welcome to my first official blog post!

I am going to talk about how sugar is affecting your body and how to restrict it in your diet.

sugar is in most products, it's the refined kind that we need to look out for, it consists of various names;  

  • glucose 
  • sucrose  
  • maltose 
  • corn syrup 
  • honey 
  • hydrolysed starch  
  • invert sugar 
  • fructose

If a product consists of any of these ingredients sugar has been added. There are also natural sugars like honey and fruits that also contain sugar but they are a lot better for the body. The reason we need to limit sugar in our diet is because sugar causes our insulin to spike as soon as its in our system, insulin is a hormone released to regulate our blood sugar level it promotes the absorbtion of glucose from the blood to skeletal muscle and fat tissues this is what causes fat stores to increase. If a high amount of sugar is consumed more insulin will be released creating greater fat stores thus increasing body fat percentage. That is the science bit done, so how do we combat this!

We need to be mindful of what we are eating, and how active we are, if you are an elite athlete you can afford a little sugar as your body stores will use it, but if your trying to lose weight and get into shape is it worth sacrificing the hard graft you are putting in. No.

Added sugar shouldn't make up more than 10% of our daily calorie intake; that's roughly 70g for men, 50g for women. 

 Of course sweet products are lush and I'm not saying completly keep it out of your diet (that's hard to ask). Just be mindful of the effect that the products you put into your body will have and if you are wanting to keep that fat off just think "do I need this?"

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